Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 7 - Tuesday July 15, 2008

I woke up today worried that the bear had visited us in the night...to my relief this was not the case. However, my neighbors in 103 did get visited by our young, overzealous furry friend. I am going to take great care in storing our food.

I strolled to the beach today to take in the sight...it was amazing. I located a few potential spots for a day trip along the lake and began preparing. I wanted to tote my hammock and creative supplies to a single location to hang out alone for the day. Below a rocky bluff about 300 yards from the beach I saw the perfect spot.

I hiked for about 30 minutes to the location, set up my hammock looking south east into the sun as it marched slowly across the sky. I managed to maneuver between a sun bathing spot and the shady hammock throughout the day while working on my latest art exchange piece for my niece, Emy. She and I have been exchanging sketches, paintings and poems for a few months now and I want to continue the practice as I see her passion for art exploding in real time. She is truly a talented human and should be cultivated and loved as such.

I decide to sketch that which I am looking at - a series of rocky, wooded hills that fall sharply into Lake Cowichan in the center of Vancouver Island. There is a small station of islands that live in the lake so I decide to make these the centerpiece of my sketch and allow the beauty of the lake and surrounding hills make up the rest of the image. I've also decided to do this in color marker, much like water colors, which makes the task even more challenging given that I will need to work with the negative space and grey scale to ensure a clear image. Practice makes perfect.

Many passers by note how perfect my hammock set up is and from their view on the water, how nice the shade must be. I take in the surroundings, sketch, read, nap...basically live like a king on cashews and carrots.

When I've had my fill of sun I simply dive into the cool lake water to refresh myself, it's nearly 70 degrees, but icy on my skin at first...I'm such a wimp when it comes to cold water or even feeling cold...something to take note of.

I pack up my stuff (leave no trace) and make my way back to camp...there I plan to cook and prepare for the evening. Tonight I'd like to work on a short film based on some images of wheat blowing in the wind that I took in eastern Washington on our first day of driving. I'll call it Wheat and Wind.

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