Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 3 - Friday July 11, 2008

Writing every day has been quite the chore. Made more so because I am still working out the details of the dual battery set-up that I have. I am hoping to have enough juice to keep my batteries running every day so that I have time to write and work on creative projects. I'll have to get my solar powered trickle charger up and running today and do some tests.

I woke in French Beach and realized very quickly that the family nature of the campground would not be relaxing to me. So we quickly packed up our things and headed toward the Juan De Fuca trail head.

We didn't get more than 3km before we found a Ministry of Forrest campground at Jordan River. It was perfect. Our spot was private and right at the river mouth where we could watch the men work on the log boom. We'd have plenty of sun and the straight makes for great sunsets.

We set up the rig, folded out the AWESOME Kelty shelter that the Mombre crew bought for Annabelle before I took off. I set up the solar trickle charger, set up the solar shower and began to familiarize myself with the life of living out of my van.

One question that I have was how long the 12L LP gas tank would last while I am cooking 3 meals and running my fridge...I'm hoping about a week.

One major breakthrough for the day was the coffee. I had bought a bag of local roast from the Strawberry farm off WA 20 and this was the first I'd dug into it. Fuck was it good. Hints of berry and chocolate and since it was french press I was able to keep the acid to a minimum. I think I am going to like this coffee.

I read the day away - lost in the wondrous world of Paganism. I find it deplorable that the Goddess is not revered in our culture as she once was and believe that the way out of our current strife is to find and balance the female energy...but this is a topic more easily if you're interested hit me up sometime. In the meantime, I'm going to learn more and report back.

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