Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vipassana Retreat - Preparing to leave

Today marks the day that I will travel to the NW Vipassana Center for my 10 day Vipassana Retreat.

To learn Vipassana one must do the 10 day retreat while observing the noble silence. "Vipassana will eradicate all suffering, it is a method of mental purification which allows one to face life's tensions and problems in a calm, balanced way. It is an art of living that one can use to make positive contributions to society. In fact, Vipassana eliminates the three causes of all unhappiness: craving, aversion and ignorance."

The courses survive by Donation. "Neither the teachers nor the organizers receive any kind of payment for their service. Thus, the spread of Vipassana is carried out with purity of purpose, free from any commercialism."

I am both excited and scared. I look forward to sharing my thoughts after the experience with you all.

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