Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 things about me

I posted these in FaceBook and thought that I would be daring enough to share with the world.

1. I find myself more pagan every day...holding sacred the elements of air, earth, fire and water makes logical sense to can we as a population let anyone profit off of or suffer from the lack of these basic gifts from Mother Earth?

2. Although I am not in debt, I believe that debt is a man-made hell. Ask a bear if he/she thinks they are in "debt"?

3. I am inspired by the human spirit...we will survive, our communities will survive, if we share.

4. I don't believe that any one job deserves a higher pay than another - and certainly no human is worth what we pay our premier atheletes and CEO's. A human will naturally* want to be productive while contributing to their community...otherwise shame will overpower them mentally and emotionally. *eliminate the mind numbing effects of drug "abuse" (not use) and day-time TV.

5. I love my mother unconditionally for the unconditional love she has poured upon me. Reminding me always to be the biggest "me" I can be...with the knowledge that she would always feed me and put a roof over my head if I needed one.

6. I am at my best when inspiring others to be their best. We can do this people...greed and fear are not the only answers.

7. I love to cook, more like an Iron Chef - what can I make with what I have? I also clean my dishes as I cook.

8. I am a Flexitarian. (wiki-it) If it's made with love, I will eat it. I find that if I don't mentally beat myself up about what I am eating, my body responds very nicely. I mean, how could I say "no" to your grandmother's famous lamb stew? Praise all the spirits that provided the meal and enjoy.

9. I am an amature artist. I dabble in everything from sculpture to painting, writing to poetry, music to dance. Creation is one of the true gifts the Cosmos/God has bestowed upon us and I believe in exercising these creative muscles to their fullest.

10. Collaboration is KING. Work together and find the answers you seek.

11. LOVE will conquer all. One of the great sages' of our time, Jimmy Hendrix said "When we embrace the Power of LOVE as much as we've embraced the LOVE of Power we'll find peace."

12. The Mayan Calendar is an intriguing roadmap for life. Any scientist or culture who bases their knowledge on the one thing in our sky that never moves (the center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way) will get my full attention.

13. I believe that knowing how to sow seed and harvest game will become more important in the coming years. I am willing to teach what I know to those who wish to listen.

14. I believe that the patriarchy must end and that more female energy is needed in every aspect of our lives and decision making process. Practically, this means that our HEART, instead of our head must lead for a change.

15. I believe that the basic pillars or foundations of ALL religions are the same. That each of us has the ability for direct communion with the higher powers that guide each of us - no middle-man needed.

16. I believe that integrity is an essential trait, that grace must be used when communicating, and that honesty and transparency are a must for social communion.

17. I believe that I am not responsible for a person's reaction to me or my actions as long as I was acting in grace and integrity with honesty. We each have our own filters we must be responsible for.

18. I believe it takes a village to raise a child.

19. I believe that Mother Nature is pissed with our treatment of her and that there will be consequences, however dire, that will need to be met with love and compassion. This lesson will be hard but necessary.

20. I love to travel. I was born in Germany, and have traveled to and through 48 of the 50 states (sorry Deleware and Rhode Island) and have spent time in Brazil, Peru, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, India and Japan.

21. I love the female form in all its shapes, sizes and colors. Its magical.

22. I believe that we've traded Craft for Profit - that taking PRIDE in one's work is no longer the goal...but it could be agian!

23. I believe that every day is a gift and should be treated as such, why else would they call it the

24. I believe in fate, the afterlife, reincarnation, aliens, and that each of us has an opportunity to uplevel ourselves with the lessons we choose to learn or not learn in the current version of our lives.

25. I feel loved.

This is Danny, some of you know him, some of you know Dan, and some of you know Danial. We're all the same, just different versions. Honestly, I like Danny - it's friendly.

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